A Southern Belle Named Cissy

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A Southern Belle Named Cissy

Jazz was extremly tired after a week long seminar in North Carolina. He was driving down a dark dirt road when suddenly he heard two loud pops. He pulled over to the side of the road and got out to check it out and seen he had not one, but two flat tire. Jazz started walking down the dark and deserted road and after about two or three miles a car came up from behind him. 

There was a gorgous red head woman about 30 years old driving, she rolled down her window and asked if he needed a lift. He accepted the offer and introduces himself as Jazz and she says her named is Cissy. As their driving Jazz could not keep his eyes off her very large breast which started to give him a huge bugle in his pants, which she took notice but never said anything.

As they continue driving, they made small talk and he told her about his car trouble and that he just needs to used her phone. Once they made it to her house she instructed him as to where the phone is and said she would be upstairs if he needed anything. Jazz went into the living room and made his phone call but the tow truck driver said that he couldn't make it out there until morning. 

Just as he was hanging up the phone he noticed Cissy was behind him with just a robe on and asked when would the truck be coming, he told her it could make it until in the morning and that he doesn't have any money for a hotel. She offered him to stay at her place for the night but he would have to pay her later for her accomadations. Cissy then offers him a glass of wine as they sat on the couch talking and drinking, she told him that she was divorced after two years. As they kept talking, and Jazz could really get a good look at her gorgous breast as the front of her robe came open a little exposing her chest. 

He began getting a huge hard-on which Cissy noticed right away again, but kept the now unimportant conversation going as she was getting aroused herself. As they both were completely focused on each others body. Then suddenly they both just started attacking one anothers body, they were kissing and rubbing their bodies together. Then suddenly the Jazz broke their kiss and started undressing her and xnxxv sunny leone video well she did him, Jazz slowly laid Cissy down on the couch first kissing and sucking her large breast as she let a small moan escape her lips,"ooooohhh that feels good". Jazz made his way down to her and teased her with a couple of flicks of his tongue across her clit which mafe her almost have an instant orgasm. 

Then he just started licking and sucking her wet cunt with such force giving her an amazing tongue-lashing like never before. He licked and sucked which made Cissy scream out,"eat my cunt, lick it, suck it dry", as she felt her whole body tense up for what was sure to be a massive orgasm. Just as she was cumming Jazz spinned around on top of her and shoved his 9 1/2 inch dick straight in her mouth which caused another orgasm to hit her. Cissy grabbed his huge member and tried to put the whole thing in her mouth, but it was a little too thick and only got about four inches in. They continued in the 69 position for another half hour which resulted in Cissy to cum again.

Jazz then got off her and they went upstairs to the bedroom, he told her to lay down and spread her legs wide, she did as she was told and Jazz climbed on top of her and started rubbing his up and down her dripping teasing her as she tried to push her pussy on his dick. Then without warning Jazz shoved his whole nine inches in her with one thrust that caught Cissy off guard and caused her to cum again. Jazz started pounding away in her tight wet pussy as he grabbed and kneeded her all the while Cissy was just screaming,"fuck you bastard, fuc me harder and faster", this along with Cissy tight cunt squeezing tightly around his dick was all he could take and let loose a loud grunt,"I'm cumming in your pussy", just as he was ready to release his cum Cissy moved off his dick and started sucking him like a Hoover as stream after stream of down her throat, he continued and cumming for a couple of minutes. His Cock was still hard after his orgasm stopped as she asked him was he thankful for the lift she gave him, he said,"sure but now I have to pay for staying the night"...........to be continued

Part 2

Jazz rested for a while as Cissy continued to keep his dick at attention by sucking him. After about ten minutes of that Jazz told her to come up and ride his dick like a horse, she eagerly climbed on top of him and quickly impaled herself with his huge member. Cissy first started out slowly and then gained speed and rythem as she continued to fuck herself, but then Jazz started to meet her down stroke by moving his hips upward to force his dick even further inside her pussy. As they both began to move in unison Jazz was grabbing and squeezing her lucious breast making her moan out loud,"OOOOOHHHH GOD never stop fucking me". Cissy was now close to cumming again as she felt a slight slap on her ample ass, next she heard Jazz tell her to say his name and she did, he then slapped her ass again but harder this time and told her to say it again, but just as she was about to say his name he slapped her again harder which made her cum and scream his name louder,"Jaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzz I'm cummingggggggg". 

Cissy then fell forward and rest her head on his chest as her orgasm subsided, Jazz seeing how exhausted she was started pumping his dick into her as she laid on top of him making her moan and groan. Then he slowly removed his still from her now rolled her over and easily shoved his dick right back into her making slow and timed strokes making sure he got all of his dick covered in her cum. Just as he pulled out Cissy thought to herself,"this man has amazing stamina after four hours of fucking he's still hard".

 Her thought process was interrupted when she felt him entering her tight asshole. At first she started to protest but wit all the cum covering his dick it made it rather smoothly and with a lot less than she thought it would be, or at least she thought. Cissy looked around and seen he only had about half his length in her and was still pushing into her virgin ass. The sight made her cum immediatly and she bucked her hips and relaxed which allowed Jazz whole dick to slide right in. 

The feeling was overwhelming for Cissy. Jazz didn't waste anytime pounding her asshole as he grabbed her round ass admiring it as his paced picked up as he was moving himself and her making him bottom out her asss causing Cissy to scream and moan and cum al at the same time. Jazz began slapping her ass again and this time Cissy was really enjoyed the mild spanking he was giving her, then she felt him rubbing her clit and that was all she could take she felt a massive oragsm coming on real forced anal against her will the combination of Jazz pounding her ass and a finger in her pussy, th efeeling of his balls slapping against her ass and him slapping her was way too much as she let out a animalhowl,"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOD I'm cumming, I'm cumming harder, faster, harder, faster"< Jazz let out a howl also,"GOD I'm fucking cumming in your ass"> They both collasped and fell asleep in each others arms surely satisfised.