Two And Five Equals Fuck

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Two And Five Equals Fuck

Study come on study Nika kept telling herself, but the information would not still in her mine. Nika had to pass it was her last exam and if she got it she would work in the real world and earn real money, be independent and have no more worries, but why she asked herself.
Why the fuck wont this information just stay in her head.
Nika a hot, sexy and attrctive 21 year old girl was a dream to desire.
Her boobs went right around and were the right size for any man.
Her ass was smooth tight and was the attention of all the men as everywhere she went there was someone to admire of dream dirty about her ass, just the way she moved it made you crave the word sex.
Her pussy would pleasure any mans cock that had tried it and they were certainly pleased and wanted more after.
She still wore lots of pink and green, but they just reminded her the time when she had rescued her brother in exchange for a hours pleasure where two officers fucked her good and she liked it.
Nika never told anyone about the inccident, but it never consumed her as she thought it as a experience and she loved it, but would never do it again, well atleast for the while.
Think come on think. Her exam was tomorrow and she didnt want to miss it or else she would lose her years work and no more funding from her parents.
The clock struck 11pm and Nika got ready for bed.

"Nika. Nika!!"
"What mum."
"Your late for school."
Nika stared around in a and ran for her clothes, cleaned herself good including a rub on her naked pussy in the shower.
She ran outside and caught the bus just in time and breathed with relief as she was still sleepy from late night studing, but her exam was not for another four hours, but she needed the extra lessons.
Nikas eyes started to get tired and soon she fell into a deep sleep before waking up an hour late by the bus driver who appeared to have nip her boob on purpose when waking her up and requested she get off as that was the last stop.
Nika got off and checked for the next bus. It was in three hours, why do those stupid bus services just provided a better service she thought, but nothing was gonna help her now by the time she would get back the exam would have started and she would not be able to enter.

Nika walk with sadness as her breast waved slowly up and down before a van stopped by.
"Check out those fucking boobs man. There fucking big ill tell ya. Hey sexy do ya need a ride."
"Yeah, back into town would be nice."
"Well theres six of us and were heading back to town, but we have only one seat left."
"Do you think you could take me."
"Yeah right on my cock yeah. Nothings free you know sexy."
"Yeah ma mates right thats the last seat and if you want it, then your gonna have to fuck for it."
Nika thought and thought should she take it. These were complete strangers and she knew she would get the life fucked out of by atleast four, maybe five. She decided to take it and slipped her ass on top of a guy who seemed nice and wanted to get to know her a lot more better.
"Fuck we cant wait. Lets /bitch/fucking-bitch/fuck-the-bitch/">fuck the bitch now."
"But." Nika was silent as she could not avoid it no longer. She had to do what she had to do if her wanted to get to that exam and pass.
One guy gave Nika his cock and she put it in her mouth while taking one up the /pussy/ass-pussy/ass-and-pussy/">ass and pussy and two gripped in her hand as the cocks moved Nika moved.
They slowly introduced the pain and pleasure as the cocks dug deeper into her pussy, ass and mouth.
"Aaaaahhhh, fuck. Fuck, fuck. fuck." Nika yelled as the pain surged though her and the pleasure came ripping all over.
Five guys Nika thought. God have I done it all now.
"Dam /ass/good-ass/">good ass here."
"Dam fucking bitch is good. Yeah you just keep suck that cock you /bitch/sexy-bitch/">sexy bitch."
"Aaaaahhhhh. Aaaaahhhh, mmmmmmmm." moaned Nika as she started to get tired, but she had the support of ten hand that slid everywhere.
"God I think im gonna cum."
"Shit her ass is tight."
"Na this pussy just pure sex man."
They then tried her individually while the others sat and waited for there turn.
The first guy was pretty hot. He had abs of steel and his cock was huge as he powered it in and out of Nika in such pace even his mates were impressed, but most of all Nika loved it.
She screamed and hollowed when the third guy punched his porn videos download cock slowly in her ass doing doggie style.
Nika thought to herself could this be worth it, was she a dirty bitch only good for fucking guys and pleasuring there needs.
She loved it, but knew deep down that if her parents knew what she had done, they would not forgive her. She would be a disgrace to there family and is wod got out she would be dead.
"Hey guy do you mined keeping this a secret between us and no one else is to ever know about this ok."
"Yeah, yeah less talk and more fork bitch.
Nika was not use to been called a bitch, but in the end she accepted it atleast until she got to her destination.
She didnt mined what they did as long as she got there safe and sound and ready to do her test, but she had to ammit that she was pretty exhausted and boobs were still touched, pinched and sucked.
Men she thought all they want is sex and more sex.
"Hey were nearly there guys. Feed her and lets boot the bitch."
They all agreed after the last guy had gone and rejoined to work as a group to start the fun.
They made five switches on positions, then took there cock back and gripped it with on hand as they moved it up and down, up and down.
Nika exhausted from so much fucking cock at once was glad it was over, but she had to say it was a one of the best bangs shes had. Even better than those officers who she ammitted were fucking good.
Nika looked up as five /huge/huge-cocks/">huge cocks fired their white cum at Nika.
She opened her mouth as sperm went in and all around her boobs and knee. The sperm tasted salty and sloppy, but she happily showed it to the guys who stared at the amount they had produce.
She sucked a few more cocks and took a few more to the ass and her pussy before beening released. 
"See ya bitch. You were fucking good though."
"Yeah the we sure showed her right guys." As they bursted in laughter and began getting dress.
Nika got dressed, but while she was getting dressed the guys stared at her like she was a godness or angel from hevean as she slowly slip her strapless bra on, followed by her thong and her black skirt and top. She carried her blazer as the guys reached there hand to touch her before she left.
Those guys were obviously taking there time as it took nearly three hours as she checked her watch. Three hours worth of pure sex, but she had never notice time past.
She was there in time to see her friends who greeted her and told her what they had been up to.
"Yeah guess what I saw."
"I saw this video with five guys fucking one guy."
"God what a whore."
"Na I would actually wanna try it."
"Yeah it wouldnt b bad to try it. It looked like fun."
"Nika dont you wonder what it would feel like."
"Yeah." Said Nika in a soft quite voice.
"Whats wrong Nika."
"Shes probably just nervious about the exam arent you Nika."
"Yeah I think thats it."
Nika and her friends soon started to slowly walk up the steps to the hall.

After the exam Nika went home with her friends and told them the whole story. They asked lots of questions and comforted her.
They asked her to tell them the story of when the two man officers fucked her in exchange for her brothers freedom and she agreed only if they told no one else.

"Well it all started when my brother was arrested and...........
?Hello Nika speaking.?
?Hey Nika thank god your still here. I really need your help!!!! Me and the guys were just pissing around when some pretty /chick/hot-chicks/">hot chicks came and we hooked up with them, but then the cops came and discovered that I had some dope on xxx me. I have no idea how it got there maybe those chicks planted it. I really dont know just help me and whatever you do dont tell muma and dad ok.?
?Umm I see what I can do ok.?
?Ok hurry up ok!!!?
Nika a young 20 year old brown headed, boobs round as cirlces that would pleasure any man and a /pussy/ass-pussy/pussy-and-ass/">pussy and ass that pleasured a thousand men. Her tan-white skin and blue eyes gave her a such a hot angel look. Her clothes involved a green loose skirt that revealed her pink knickers and a thin cloth silk top with nothing else except her pink bra that cradled her lovely /boobs/big-boobs/">big boobs.
Nika kept thinking and thinking, but nothing came as she was confused and soon started to stress, then Nika suddenly saw a book written by some guy called Slip In Out, then she knew her plan.
Nika decided she would visit the police station and take her plan to action.

?Hello im looking for Brad Hunter.? Nika said in a soft loving tone to a officer who she was certain love starring at her boobs and thigh.
?Yes right this was.? said the officer wanting Nika to take the lead so he could enjoy a few moments starring a ass that all the models these days have.
Nikas hair waved in the air then, suddenly stop with the officer slamming his erected cock against her ass as the officer clutched her waist with pleasure.
?Sorry, but what way did you say it was.?
To you right miss.
Nika walked on with something silver in her hand.
Nika your finally here. As she arrived in a room of cells, which were near emty apart from the one or two drunks who were sleeping, then the officer left thinking about something as his last look was her breast. Probably him sucking and fucking her all night in his bed Nika thought.

?Hey wheres James gone.?
?Umm he went to get more of those porn tapes.?
?Well lets hope hes gets back or else that fucking kitty down theres gonna have to do me tonight. Said the officer who really wasnt joking.? Now at 30 years old John was single and loved porn and /hot/hot-girls/">hot girls who he fucking the life out of every saturday after meeting then out around town, but hed never gotten any girls at hot as that kitty before, then suddenly pretty kitty came out of the door that let to the cells, but she was walking slowly with her brother behind her.
John rushed down stairs to stop them.

Nika kept telling herself to walk, walk and walk.
In and out. In and out.
?What do you think your doing now kitty.?
John thought he could use the term kitty as it was she who was the one in trouble and not him.
?Please my brother was framed he really didnt mean any harm. Those drugs were never his.?
John thought for a while and still starring at a boobs like he had never seen any so round, big, smooth and /boobs/hot-boobs/">hot boobs before.
?Can we have a little chat just between me and you.?
John and Nika walked to the next room.
?Here is a deal. You pleasure us for an hour and he?s free.?
?You like talk, get to know each other better you know . Then we will release your brother.?
?How about this. Your brother can got home first and you stay her. How does that sound. Your brothers off the hook for one simple hour of pleasure.?
?Ok, but you must keep your promise.?
?If you keep yours.?

Nika returned to her brother and told him to go home first.
?Arent you coming home too.?
?Yeah I am, but I just have to fill out some paper. The officer even said he would take me home.?
?Ok then.?
Nika walk in the room and snap goes the lock, flash goes the lights and slip goes the curtains.
?So what can we call you Said the officer.?
?Dinner, remark the other officer.?
?Umm its Nika.?
?Umm yeah thats a lovely name now lets fuck.?
They unzip and off came there pants.
?What are you doing.?
?Getting to know you better.?
?But I thought we were just gonna talk and get to know each other.?
?Yeah and what better way to know each other that a fuck Nika.?
Said the second officer.
?Now lets start with mr cock in you mouth and ass ae.?
?And if I refuse to.?
?The girls right is she doesnt wanna fuck, then doesnt need to, but im not sure about those charges. Walk away now or strip and start sucking.?
Nika knew her only option and slide off her skirt.
?God that?s a fucking hot. I can wait.?
Off went the bra and in went the cocks one in the mouth as she licked and then sucked moving her mouth up and down and then nearly whole.
God she does it good. Must of had some experience I see.
The officer was indeed right Nika had had some experience from her past boyfriends, but never with two mature guys.
?Shit this ass is tight, but fucking good.?
Nika felt the pain in her as, but it felt good and the cock was a little salty, but big just enough to deep throat.
For the next twenty minutes Nika sucked and got anal with pleasure and occationally a little scream from the pain of anal pleasure.
?Lets double the peasure of kitty ae.?
John took his cock and slowly injected it in her pussy like a master.
Nika felt the cocks both in and they felt so good, but it was still gave her a dirty feeling.
?Lets see kitty jump.? As John slapped her ass, but Nika didn?t mind as it pleasure her.
Nika moved up and down, then again repeating the process with excitement.
Aaaaahhhh!! yelled Nika as she scream and yelled while moving up and down with more pleasure than she had ever had in years, maybe even her life.
The officers change positions back to cock in mouth and pussy with cock.
?Hey Sam look at kitty.?
?Yeah I have to say she fucks good.?
?How does Kitty like cum.?
Nika said nothing, she was exhausted and out of energy, as she watched the two remove there cocks and prepare there cannons.
Nika opened her mouth as the sperm splattered over her boobs, face and her mouth as Nika open her mouth for John?s penis and sucking the cum left.
They were all exhausted and then they started to dress. John and his colleague just watch Nika slip on her bra and knickers slow as she breathed slowly thinking about what she had just done.
?Lets take kitty home ae.?
Nika walk towards the door and as she was just about to unlock the door John wrapped his arms around Nika with his two hands clutching her boobs and kissing her neck.
Nika open the door and pushed John away and walk to the car.

?Lets forget this ever happened.?
?You kidding kitty you?ve just giving me the best dam sex in my life kitty. If you ever feel horny or want a fuck or two I?m at the station kitty.?
Nika left the car slamming the door closed and walked along the footpath to the door feeling dirty, but horny, exhausted and wet.
When she enter the house her brother ran to her side and ask if all was alright.

"Yeah so thats what happen."
"God Nika two and five thats pretty good score you got there. All mine are just with one, but ill tell you anyway."
"Ok." Replied Nika