Jenis First Anal

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Jenis First Anal

Jeni had never been to a /club/sex-club/">sex club before, but it had always been on her list, so when Rene mentioned it full hd xvideo download one night she was on board. She wore a tiny red dress and /fucking/red-fuck/">red fuck me heels, and her /blonde/thick-blonde/">thick blonde hair was swept back in a messy ponytail. Rene's jaw dropped when Jeni stepped out of the door, then she smiled, ”We are gonn have fun tonight.”

Jeni was sitting at the bar draining her third /beach/beach-sex/sex-on-the-beach/">sex on the beach when Rene smiled naughtily and excused herself. Just then she felt breath on the back of her neck and a finger probing her /asshole/">asshole, she made a move free porn movies download to look around and felt lips on the back of her neck. Before she could react she felt herself being lifted from behind and a /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock slid between her ass cheeks, she reached back for it instinctively and he grabbed her wrist bringing her hand forward to rub her pussy.

She leaned back into him as he plunged his /ass/ass-cock/huge-cock-in-her-ass/">huge cock in her ass unceremoniously, she cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain that was drowned out by the bass line as he began pumping faster into her virgin asshole. With each gasp and moan he drove his cock deeper and deeper into her ass until his balls were slapping her pussy. He pulled her tits out of the top of her dress and squeezed them with both hands as he jammed his dick harder and harder into her tender asshole.

Just when Jeni didn't think she could take anymore she felt him pull out and cum all over her gaping asshole. She sighed and smiled, fixing her top before turning around to see the face of the man who had just popped her anal cherry, but he was gone when she turned around. Jeni smiled again, reaching behind her to scoop his cum off of her ass, then began fingering her asshole, using his cum for a lubricant. She groaned and clenched her ass muscles, then slid a third finger up her ass.

Jeni slowly slid her fingers out of her asshole and into her mouth as she fixed her dress with the other hand. As she did, Rene returned with a cock in one hand and a very /small/small-tit/">small tit in the other. She introduced them as Him and Her, ”I thought I”d bring you a little present since we haven't been having much luck” Rene said, manuevering Her between Jeni's knees. ”Her loves to eat pussy, and asshole too, if that's your thing””

Jeni smiled as Her sank down on her knees and slid her tongue between her pussy lips, she slid her hands into Her's hair and began to grind her pussy on Her tongue. ”I just got ass fucked by a stranger Rene.” Jeni said as Her went to town between her legs, ”This is the best night of my life.”