Help Wanted for Summer Farm Hand

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Help Wanted for Summer Farm Hand

Hi, my name is Justin. I live in Alabama and currently go to college at the University of Alabama. My family owns a huge farm in a northern county of Alabama. I just finished my spring semester at the University and I am headed home for the summer.

I am 20, 61, 180 with brown hair and Green eyes. My Dick is about average at 7 inches. I work out and stay in great shape. Something about country, cowboy type guys just turn me on. I have been with 3 guys all while I was at school, and they all were top secret!

I returned home that summer to find something i would never expect. I pulled into my long drive way with the long white fence leading all the way down to my large country home. To the left of my house was the barn. As i got closer to my house I could see someone in front of our barn painting. I just assumed it was my fathers full-time help. When i pulled up at my house i could see i was very wrong. He was wearing a pair of tight wrangler jeans and an old white t-shirt with holes in it. He had and rugged Atlanta Braves baseball cap on. 

I got out and walked over to introduce myself to him. "My name is Justin", "Im Tucker Jones, Im here for the summer to help on the farm". "Well its nice to meet you Tucker, I didnt realize we were going to hire someone for the summer. I go to Alabama, are you in school somewhere?", "No, im just doing odd jobs right now", Tucker said in his southern country voice. I noticed when Tucker moved I could see his balls and dick through his jeans. It was pretty clear Tucker didnt believe in /underwear/">underwear. "Well it was nice to meet you Justin, but i guess i better get back to my work", Tucker smiled. "Ok well maybe we can hang out some since im here for the summer as well", I said as i thought how much i wanted to see more of his tan well built body. "Well I am sleeping in the air-conditioned loft above the barn so you should come up tonight and have a beer and play some cards", said Tucker. "Sure that sounds good to me", I said as I couldnt wait to see and talk to him somemore.

I went inside my home and had dinner with my family and caught up on some of the things I missed while at achool. About 8pm or so i decided to take Tucker up on his offer of beer and cards. I knocked on the loft door and tucker answered the door in the same tight wrangler jeans he had been wearing before. He wasnt wearing a shirt, and for the /first-time/">first time I could see he had a nice happy trail of hair running into those tight jeans. His chest was nice and hard looking with no hair.

"Come in man, i white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie was about to take a shower but that can wait awhile", Tucker said. "So do you like working on the farm", I said just trying to start a conversation. "Yeah it has its days, just sucks because its hard to get any pussy with no girls around", Tucker said as he grabbed his balls as he sat on the couch. "Yeah I know what you stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv mean, I have been home for summers before, Just get use to your hand", I laughed and said. "Yeah I guess so, would you like a beer?", "Sure man". Tucker handed me a beer and we talked for several hours about /crazy/">crazy shit. After about Tuckers 6th beer he began to get a little drunk. I had stopped at 3 so i wasnt even close.

The conversation had moved back to sex again. I could tell Tucker was use to getting pussy everynight and he wasnt having much luck with his hand. "So Tucker why cant you get a girl to come up here with you? Do you not have what it takes to keep them coming back for more", I laughed. Tucker smiled, "Fuck yeah i do". Tucker opened his jeans and pulled out a huge 9 inch cock. "Does that look like i have what it takes", Tucker said. "Damm man thats fuckin nice", I said before I Thought. "I could tell you werent straight", Tucker said and started playing with his dick. He was so drunk he had almost no idea what he was saying, but he also was very aware of what he was doing.

"You wanna suck me dont you", Tucker said. "Maybe", i said knowing how much i wanted to hear that country boy moan as i sucked him dry. "Maybe?, Come on baby, I need a nut so damm /bad/">bad", I got up and walked over to Tucker and i got on my knees and i slowly took his dick in my mouth. He moaned softly, I could taste and smell the sweat from the work he had done that day. I pulled his pants all the way off. I was right Tucker didnt believe in underwear, and his low hanging balls showed he never had. I sucked his balls, as he layed back and moaned. "Damm man, that mouth feels good on my dick", Tucker said as he touched the top of my head. I moved down to his ass and licked it. I could tell he liked it as he moved his ass closer, I loved the smell and the taste of the days sweat. I could tell Tucker was about to blow his load so i moved back to his 9 inch cock and sucked him like crazy. "OHHHH FUCK, OH Justin, SUCK IT, OH DAMM, I"M Gonna blow my load in your mouth man". I continued to suck harder and harder. Tucker Grabbed the back of my head and blew his load in my mouth. It was soo hot and salty, and the cum just keep coming out.

Tucker stood up, "Lets go to the bed", as he kissed me on the mouth. I follwed him to the bed. He put his arms around me, "So you wanna she what it feels like to be fucked by Tucker Jones". "Oh yes Tucker, I want you", he had total control over me i wanted him more than anything. He pulled me close and kissed me hard, his tongue felt so good in my mouth. He layed me on the bed and continued kissing me, while on top of me. I could feel his /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick. He pulled my clothes off. "Damm Justin, your cock isnt so bad either", He smiled and layed on top of me. We began to rubb our cocks together, "Ohh Tucker". Tucker then moved his dick to my /asshole/">asshole and pushed his dick in. "OHHHH OHHH, Tucker Fuck me", His dick felt so good. He began to /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder and harder. He kissed me and fucked me at the same time. "Damm baby, this /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass hole feels good on my dick", "Oh Tucker /ass/ass-cum/cum-in-my-ass/">cum in my ass, make me yours". Tucker started fucking me so hard it was moving the bed back and fourth. He it my prostate and i cummed, "OHHHH OHHHH". Then Tucker shot his load in my ass. Pumping me full of his /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum. He pulled his dick out and he layed down beside me. "Looks like i found my pussy for the summer", He looked at me and smiled. "Looks like i have found my dick", I said as i moved over and kissed tuckers chest. 

Me and Tucker Fucked everynight that summer. The last night on the farm he fucked me 4 times. He promised to stay in touch. After he left my father informed me that he would like Tucker to return next summer, I looked at my fater and said "me too dad."