Long Distance

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Long Distance

We had been away for 2. We both were freshmen. We were in different states! Our mid-terms had just ended so I planned to take a bus down to meet her for a week. My names Josh, I was 18 years old. 5?10" and well built because I am an Athlete had great abs and everything. I had Black hair and brown eyes. She was the most beautiful girl. Her name was Ashley she was 5?5?. Her measurements were 34C-24-36. She was a brunette with a smile of an angel.

We spoke regularly and since we had been dating for the past 2 years we had done everything possibly (sexually). We both trusted each other and we were never insecure. She made many friends. When we used to talk on the phone she always mentioned how beautiful they were and how sexy they looked. At the time I just thought my /friend/girl-friend/">girl friend is the best and I was right! She always spoke to me about these 4 girls, her roommate Pamela and their neighbors Kiya, Farah and Simone.

I was all excited the day my mid terms ended. I was all packed and ready to go. I caught the bus that very same day and I was dying to see my girl. I called her while I was on the bus and she gave me directions to her dorm. As I got off the bus Depot I took a taxi to her dorm. As I reached I ran up the 4 floors and knocked on her door. She opened it and I saw the glow on her face she immediately jumped into my arms as I lifted her off the ground. In the back I could see her roommate Pamela she was very /cute/">cute. She had long black hair and a very innocent smile but she was only 5?2? and measured around 36C-26-34. I introduced myself and she told me that Ashley couldn?t stop talking about me. I turned to Ashley to see her blush and I kissed her. Pamela left the room to let me and Ashley catch up. We spoke for an hour and we then decided to go out for dinner. She wanted me to meet her friends so she went next door to invite them.

She cam back with Pamela and told me the others would meet us there. We reached the restaurant and we waited for the others at the table. A few minutes later they arrived. I had no idea how right Ashley was these girls were HOT! Kiya was Asian she had black hair with red streaks and a nice body 5?3?ish 34b-24-30, Simone was another brunette nice and talk about 5?7? 32C-26-34 with nice blue eyes and Farah was a /blonde/sexy-blonde/">sexy blonde 5?5? 34c-26-34 with seductive green eyes.

We all got along really well and they all opened up to e and spoke to me about all the horrible guys they have been with and /bad/">bad experiences they?ve had. They also joked about how they wish they had a guy like me and how lucky Ashley was to find a guy like me. I was so fucking happy at this point. My ego was boosted to the max. We then went to the dorms and stayed up and spoke till 4am. After that Ashley and I were both exhausted so we just slept.

The next morning we all /hung/">hung out and went for lunch together and during the entire day I noticed Ashley and Farah were whispering to each other the entire day. So when we got back to the dorms in the evening I asked her about it. She Paused and smiled at me and then turned red. She looks at me and tells me you remember your fantasy about me and more girls. I think it?s a good idea. At this point my mouth drops! I asked Ashley if she was serious. She said yes and told me that she finds her self attracted to women as well as men. I dint know how to react. I jut stood there with 1million thought running in my mind but no words came out. She held my hand and asked I was okay with all of this. I told her it was the best thing ever.

She smiled and said I?m glad you feeling like that honey. I?ll be right back. She leaves the room. She comes back in 3-5 minutes giggling. The girls are in for tonight. I paused I felt a little rise in my pants at this time and said girl!? She nodded back and replied very obviously ?yes?! You know Pamela, Simone, Farah and Kiya. I had no words. She leans closer and asked you think you are up for it? I grinned and replied ?Hell yeah?.

The night came closer and I grew both excited and nervous! I went and bought the condoms while the girls got ready! As I got back I walked up to the dorms and got into the room all the girls were either in robes or pajamas. Ashley and Farah were in robes while the others were in pajamas. I was in a white inner t shirt, jeans and boxers. The girls all got up stood around me and they were all giggling away. I was so red and I was holding in my rise. I saw Ashley kiss Pamela and I had a lift and ALL of them saw it. Ashley and Pamela kept kissing and undressing each other and even Kiya and Farah started doing the same. So I looked over at Simone. She was pretty shy so I ran my hand up her arm and leaned in and kissed her. Ashley came over and asked if I liked that. I just stood quite. She started to giggle and kissed me deeply our tongue locked and I grabbed her by her sexy familiar waist and dropped her robe. She had nothing on underneath. Surprisingly she was not shy about her body in front of the other girls. My hands moved around her back and soon I caressed her firm ass with my palm. The other girls watched us and played together.

I was so hard she could nearly feel my full 8? erections through my jeans as I sucked on her tits. I felt Ashley?s hands running through my hair and other set of hand on my chest. I stopped working on Ashley?s tits to see whose hands were on me. They were Simone?s hands. She pulled my shirt off. And I undid my jeans to let my cock out. I was standing their sucking on Ashley tits while the others looked on and my huge /erection/">erection was visible through my boxers. Ashley moaned softly I heard her call my names a few times so I slid my hand closer to her pussy. I then dropped my boxers and laid Ashley onto her bed and spread her legs to insert my cock inside her now wet, tight and /pussy/sexy-pussy/">sexy pussy. I moved my cock half way in I saw her face turn wild she began to bite her lips. I moved in deeper she started to moan. She screamed ?YES, YES... OH YES BABY?? MMMMMMMMMMM THAT?S SOO GOOD JOSH... MMMMMMM.? I let myself loose I let myself in all 8? in and swung faster, faster, faster, harder and harder. Ashley? moans got intense and louder. She screamed ?JOSHHHHH IMMMM CUUUUMMING BABY... OH GODDD, JOSHHHHH BABY. YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH? IM CUMMING!!!!? As I heard her call my names I moaned for her and as she came I felt her juices over my cock and I screamed? YES ASHLEY HONEY SO FUCKING GOOD.? I hadn?t come yet and I took myself out of Ashley.

I turned around to look at the others and they were all naked and over each other. I moved towards Kiya as she looked at me with sexxxx video ful hd lust in her eyes. She was on Pamela?s bed she bent over and told me she wants it in her ass. I had done this before like 5 times so I wasn?t confident. But I kissed her ass cheeks and let my tongue out and wet her extremely /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass hole. She smiled and was dripping from her pussy. As she wasn?t bent over on all four I kneeled behind her and slid my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock inside. As I entered her ass she screamed? FUCKKKKKK! JOSHHH!!!!? I went in deeper but I moved in slowly. Every inch I moved in she groaned and moaned and screamed for more ?JOSHHH YEAHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHH OF FUCKKKKKK MEEEEEEEE? MMMMMM YEAHHHHHHHH I CAN FEEL YOUR /cock/hot-cock/">hot cock IN ME, IM GOING TO CUMMMMMM BABY!? I dint stop and I finally began to move faster I felt her entire body tighten up and she lost balance as she cam and slipped onto the bed. I took my cock out to prevent anymore pain. I sat beside her as I watched Farah finger herself while she sucked Ashley?s Pussy.

Simone was the one that came closer to me and pushed me down onto my back I laid down and my cock stood up straight. I felt her kiss is and lick it. She then sat on my chest and stared at me with those sexy blue eyes. She then lifted her rear and grasped my cock in her hand as she lowered her beautiful but /hairy/hairy-pussy/">hairy pussy onto my cock she inserted it slowly at first but lowered herself as deep as she could quickly and let out a loud moan ?AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH? ?MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM? I grabbed her tits as she rode me intensely. I had never been ridden this fast. I bit onto her sexy pink nipple and caressed her ass I let out moans as loud as her as she rode me hard are moans blended together like ?AHHHHHHHHH?. YEAAAAAAAAA??.. YES YES YES AAAAAAAAAAA MMMMMMMMMMMMMM YEAHHHHHHH!? she was slowly down I figured she had reached her limit. So I took control and swung my hips along with hers. After a few moments of silence she bit my chest and screamed ?AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MY GOD FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK IM CUMMMIGN!!!!!? I felt it and it was nice and warm. She collapsed on top of me. So I let her down.

Farah and Pamela looked over and had over waited their turns but they waited for me to make my choice I was /scared/">scared I wouldn?t last long so I moved towards Farah. She lay down at the foot of the bed as I stood off the bed. She raised her pussy upward. I xxx sex video download free com grabbed her hips and pulled her to me. I insert my juice filled cock inside her and I heard the sound of my balls smacking against her ass as I fucked her pussy deeper and harder. She called out ? FASTER FASTER? so I did it. I rammed my cock in as fast as I could and my moans grew as loud as ever ?FARAH YEAAAAAAAAAA FUCK ME!!!! YES GODDDD MMMMMMMMMMMM YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK FUCK FUCK! She moaned along with me screaming ?JOSH JOSH JOSH JOOOOOOOOOOOSHHHHHHH BABY IM GOING TO CUM NOW!!!? as she did I was about to as well so I stopped and pulled my cock out. I could feel the cum about to rush out but I stopped it at the edge.

Pamela had jus been eaten and came so as I went there I told her I was close. She said she wanted it on her tits. As I inserted my cock in between her huge 36c breasts the girls gathered around and were waiting for my load. As I tittyfucked her I could keep it in any longer I groaned ?UGH, AHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH? as I came over her tits and over the bed. As I stopped the licked it off the chest and spat it back out on her. I jus laid back and fell asleep.